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Monday, January 18, 2010


Bobby T. started it a few years back. Out on Rural Route 2, mailboxes are all on the same side of the road. Lined up and spaced about three feet apart, marking each community, miles stretched out between clutches. The mail run is about four o' clock. About five most afternoons, nearly everybody on Pluto comes down to check the mail. Propped or perched on a variety of old seating(old tractor seat, stump, log, lawn chair, wheelchair, four-wheeler, and tailgate), they go through their daily post, trusty dogs at their sides, mailbox doors folded down, with a drink of some sort resting on each one. As our newspaper comes a day late, everyone waits for the tractors to come in to hear the latest news of the field, as that is the latest news. Bobby T. also keeps bets on what day of the year the sunset will line right up with the road. It's generally a wonderful time of day.
Serves 1

Crushed ice
At least 2 ounces good Bourbon
2 ounces ginger ale
Lime wedges

Fill an insulated glass with crushed ice. Pour the Bourbon over the ice. Top with the ginger ale and a squeeze of fresh lime.


I particularly like Maker's Mark Bourbon in this drink.

Allow 1 lb. of ice per guest

When showing out for company, you can rim the glasses with lime juice and dip them in a small saucer of raw sugar. A slice of candied ginger added for more formal occasions is stimulating.

Tervis Tumbler insulated cups are made of the same plastic used for airplane windows and are virtually indestructible. These tumblers will keep ice from melting on the hottest of days.

"Mississippians will vote dry as long as they can stagger to the polls."Will Rogers

From 'Screen Doors and Sweet Tea'; #3 Honorable Mention for "The Coffee Pot Question of the Day"; (January 18th, 2010); In Mama Joe's Shadow, Cooking With Adele's Best Recipes

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