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I am a simple country girl who loves life and lives it to the fullest. I cook for one of the greatest families ever. Cooking is my passion and I consider it as well to be my gift.

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Monday, January 18, 2010


2 lbs. lean ground beef
1/2 sleeve saltine crackers-crushed
1 small onion-diced
1 green pepper-diced
1/4 cup A-1 steak sauce
1 cup Splenda brown sugar blend
2 eggs

Mix everything together and bake at 350 for 1 hour. Can top with ketchup if you like during the last 10 minutes of cook time. Serve with mashed taters and green beans and a slice of love.

"Gramma said when you come on something good, first thing to do is share it with whoever you can find; that way, the good spreads out where no telling it will go. Which is right."-Forrest Carter..author of "The Education of Little Tree" and "The Outlaw Josey Wales"

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