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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Mama Bud is Marietta Pittman Hughes, married to Jim Hughes of Linville. She is one of the best cooks I know and I am always happy to park my feet and backside at her table.
Bud and Jim are two of the finest people I have ever known. They quietly go about helping those who are less fortunate. I have known them to help people who were down and out and these people never even knew who did it the majority of the time. I will give you one for instance of their generous nature. When a Linville resident dies, any family from out of town stays at their motel, The Pixie, at no charge. I am thankful for Jim and Bud and their friendship which has meant so much to me and mine through the years.
We have stayed with them many times through the years on Holden's Beach and we would always dig clams in the In-Land Waterway and Bud would always make us a big pot of her clam chowder, Manhatten style, or I prefer to call it "Buddy" style. My children would eat it until I thought it was going to run out of their ears. I have learned from her how to make it myself but mine will never be as good as hers.
This is her recipe and I wrote it down just as she had it written.


Potatoes, Celery, Onions-
bring to boil in water-
Add can tomato juice and can
of tomatoes-
Cook until veggies are done.
Put Old Bay seasoning-
beef bouillon-hot sauce-
Fry 6 pieces of bacon-
Add bacon grease and crumble
up bacon and add to mix.
Thicken with instant potatoes
or leftover mashed.
Add chopped clams.

When we dig the clams we then put them in the freezer. This makes them 'open up' and when they thaw out enough you dig them out of the shells, saving the juice. Chop them in a blender and add them and some of the juice to the chowder.

"I am fond of anything that comes out of the sea and that includes sailors."

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