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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Our world loves coffee. People find drinking a cup of coffee to be a private ritual, a peaceful little space of time that gives their day structure and significance. Even more, coffee is a social ceremony, something we do while we talk with friends. It provides us with moments of relaxation in the midst of our workday. With caffeine or without, coffee is more than a simple beverage. The very aroma of fresh ground coffee beans caries with it a whole bundle of feel-good sensations: warmth, comfort, friendship, relaxation, hospitality, intimacy.~ From 'Coffee Talk' by Ellyn Sanna

1 cup strong coffee
48 large marshmallows
1 pint heavy whipping cream, whipped
extra whipped cream and toasted slivered almonds or grated dark chocolate for garnish

In saucepan, simmer coffee and marshmallows, stirring constantly, until marshmallows melt. Watch it closely because this will not take long. Cool thoroughly and stir. Fold in whipped cream with a spatula. Pour into 5-cup ring mold or other suitable container. Chill. Unmold, fill center with additional whipped cream and sprinkle with toasted almonds or grated chocolate.
Serves: 8

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