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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Tonight I owed near by friends (how many can u have in Carey's Flat) a favor so I decided to pay them back with food which always works for all of us. They look after our home and pets when we sneak away to the coast and the last trip ended up with bringing back fresh medium-large shrimp from Holdens Beach which we carried home on ice and then packed in water in freezer bags and froze.
A dear friend of ours from here in C Flat several years ago taught me how to Double-Dip shrimp to fry and we tried it out again tonight. Her name is Kathy (Kat) Coffey and she is the daughter of the late Boyd and Ethalene Coffey of the Globe. Her siblings are Boyd Jr., Sammy, Kaye and Bernice Coffey which many of us went to school with.
Her recipe is as follows: I had 3 lb. of shrimp so I lightly whisked 3 eggs and then added almost a qt. of buttermilk and whisked that up and then put flour in one lg. zip-lock bag and cornmeal in another. Put the shrimp in the egg batter then add so many of them to the flour, then redip in the egg batter, then put in the cornmeal. Lay out on a baking sheet. Redo all of the shrimp this way then we deep-fried them, (did not take long-just until they float). I ended up with about a dozen that did not get double-dipped, just egged and floured and Larry, aka Martha Stewart, insisted these were better and I can agree to a point because you do taste the shrimp more, and these were exceptional shrimp, BUT, the double-dipped r fabulous as well.
Try it both ways and then decide for yourself.
Thanks to Kat Coffey for sharing and my dear friends who always show up to eat and take charge when needed, and to all of you for putting up with me.

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