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Sunday, January 17, 2010

"COFFEE POT QUESTION OF THE DAY" (Friday, January 15th, 2010)

Look up hungry people! Food not only sustains us physically, it feeds us creatively, emotionally, and intellectually. At the same time it is also a critical element of our local and national culture. So the "Coffee Pot Question of the Day" is: What region of our country, from NC to Alaska, Texas to Illinois, and all in... between produces your favorite food. I want you to get creative with this..or not.

Our 50 States is a vast and varied land. Therefore our food preferences are vast and varied as well. I am as Southern born and bred as they come, but due to my obsession with the "Beautiful" series cookbooks, i am pegging the "Pacific Northwest" as my favorite regional food. I realize that there are those of you who know me well, might find this a little confusing be as I have not made it past Johnson City, TN....but it's my choice and I am sticking with it!

I am talking about a rich culinary heritage of food from Vancouver and the San Juan Islands, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho.....Dungeness crab, Olympic oysters, Chanterelles, wild blueberries, an abundance of fish, a profusion of vegetables....I'm getting weak here..."No longer a slave to ambition, I laugh at the world and its shams, when I think of my happy condition, surrounded by acres of clams."~"The Ballad of the Old Settler"

Barbie Samsel I say the mountains of North Carolina cause of my family cooking!

James B. Wicker Jr. Domestically, the Cuisine that turns my crank is Southern.
They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and my heart is in Dixie !From a Shrimp Po'Boy in Mississippi, to North Carolina 'cue, to a Hot Brown or Burgoo in Louisville,Kentucky at Derby Time. To a table at Mother and Son's in Savanna ! Yea!

James B. Wicker Jr. Additionally, my favorite restaurant hands down is Cracker Barrell. I wish one were closer: or maybe I and my" Doctor" don't ?

Shannon 'Shan' V. Phillips The Forbes Household located in Cary's Flatts, NC!

March Terrell Henley mmmm your Pacific NW description certainly rings MY bell!

Adele Daniels Forbes James (my buddy Buck) you write so eloquently and the love pours forth with every word..for a man from Ohio I find this extremely fascinating!!!!!

Shannon Triplett I say my grannys located in Careys Flat best food off her wood cook stove ever..u should go eat with her sometime u would be hooked..

Alan Wright Wow, I'm torn on this one. New Orleans with the wild gumbo and who can forget those tasty little craw fish. The heart of Alabama for the smokey taste of Dreamland's ribs.Then Avery co. for trout and branch lettuce.

Jo Carpenter I could never betray my home state of NC on this one, esp. for BBQ. Mississippi (where I lived for 13 years) for catfish, OR and WA for salmon, CA for veggies. Trying to cover every place I love...

Sherrye Clark Southern. The Deep the better. From the pulled BBQ,collards and varied slaws (oh banana puddin),to the fresh coastal seafoods,the Cuban influence in Florida..oh man, Cajun woo! Comforts:Fried chicken,mashed potatoes,cat-head biscuits...&the Great Southern Breakfast ♥ oh how I miss my Grannie, Adele.

Alice Marie Wicker Each and every day with my man is extremely fascinating! His words are music to my ears, and heart!!!!!! I love Cracker Barrel, as well, and good old fashioned comfort foods that my mother and grandmothers used to cook as I was growing up.

James B. Wicker Jr. My Mountain Flowers words and yours,Adele, are music to my ears. Adele, I may have grown up in Ohio but "both" sides of my family are from Flloyd County,Kentucky and I was born in Norfolk, Virginia when my Dad was stationed there duing Korea. I guess it could be said I come by it honest.

Geana Anderson Fidler I LOVE Cross Creek,FL. It's really an obsession of mine, stemming from my desire of all things Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Going to The Yearling Restaurant there on Sundays to enjoy hearty samplings of my native "cracker" cuisine and to listen to blues great Willie Green live is a pleasure like no other in creation. :)

Steven Michael Millington My grandmother cooked her way from Oklahoma to California working in hotels and passing thu family homes as a midwife and caregiver to our family's elderly... She i would say was the most creative cookie i ever have known.. so for me im gonns stick to what i know and say Oklahoma/Missouri has some fine fixin's and ty G-ma for bringing them to California with ya... !

Geana Anderson Fidler Steven, it would be so cool if you or someone else who knows her story could write a book about it.

Steven Michael Millington I'm a question asker so i know her story it's a real good one too but alas as you can see from my spellign im not a good writer... LOL... Jane was actually my Maternal grandmother Juanita's half sister. After my g-ma was institutionalised she came to take care of the 2 girls and ended her traveling career and began her life as mother... 40 ... See More something years later she was still at my grandfathers side when he passed away... they also had a child... it's a unique tale of love, desire, pain, success and paramount failure... in all i love your idea and ty for sparking up my interest in tellin Martha Janes story.. it deserves ot be heard...

Sylvia Souza Moore My favorites all come from the south. I love East N.C BBQ my favorite place for that is in Wilmington@tThe Big Oak,Hot dogs from Paul's Place in Rocky Point,Im really wanting to go to the "Lady and Sons In Savannah, but illness has kept me from there. Theres a place in Plant CitY"Buddys" southern food out of this world,and of course, My mothers southern ... See Morecooking ,My Aunt Clara's biscuits would float to the table and she cannot be beat by any one for Chicken and Dumplings,or Guava pie.My Aunt Bea cooked the greatest Mac&Cheese(Noflour init).They are all gone now,but they always come up in conversations when we have family fet togethers.Mmmm,mmmmmmGood

Sylvia Souza Moore I need to learn how to type better,above spelling shows it.

Steven Michael Millington correction: 3 girls mother had 2 sisters when her mother was placed in the hospital...

Tammy Cooper Kyger nothing like good ole southern cookin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geana Anderson Fidler Yes, definitely needs to be heard!

Elizabeth Dellinger-Damico Adele we were stationed in Fort Lewis Washington, and I loved the healthy seafood and the farmers market, then we were stationes in Louisiana, got hooked on the spicy, cajun, bad for you, delicious fried food. Unfortunately I LOVE it all! (never met a food I didn't like) :)

Jennifer Waldrop Wahab Really as much as I LOVE my south food heritage both to cook and to eat, if I am truthful it is not American food that wins my soul it is the foods of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean diet is amazing! The food and cultures diverse. Local, fresh and simplicity usually rules.

Adele Daniels Forbes "Tell me Mom, the things you did when your mother cooked, and you were a kid. Tell me, Mom, was it like today? Did you and Grandma make cooking play? Tell me, Dad, when you were a boy did Gramps barbecue, and make you laugh with joy? Did Sunday Dinner make your spirits soar? I love the old stories. Please, tell me more."~Robert Hamm

Sherry Fletcher Think since you need to go to the GREAT Northwest, you and I should go visit Jo, see those mountains and eat us some of that grub you described above!!!!! OH, we could stop and get MARCH!!!

Geana Anderson Fidler I'll toast to that, Elizabeth!

Jeffrey Weeks The region of the country that produces my favorite food is....the sea!

Adele Daniels Forbes “As I gaze upon the sea! All the old romantic legends, all my dreams, come back to me.”~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Adele Daniels Forbes My Sherry amore'..I would go any where with you and March would be the icing on the cake!

Wayne L. Hons The Midwest - Beef

Ed Brick I like to shop local and fresh for anything I can. You are spot on about the Pacific Northwest... if you can't find it here, and of a great quality, it just might not exist. My absolute favorite meal involves Dungeness crab and a hearty micro-brewed ale!

Dwight Samuel Franklin Maine....guess......And Maryland.....guess......and Alaskan king.....guess

Judy Abel Tiner NE Florida and SE Georgia Shrimper, Plant City, Florida Strawberrys

Steven Michael Millington Here here Mr. Brick... Been crabbing in Bodega Bay ?

Eb Pope Central Florida for fruit and vegetables. Moist and very flavorful.

Eb Pope Seafood would be Alaska fresh caught salmon, halibut, and king crab.

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