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Monday, January 31, 2011


Fry out some hamburger, slap up a can of Pillsbury's French Loaf Bread across the counter, make some coleslaw, and last but not least place some Alexia's Onion Rings on a baking sheet...and wait for the good times to begin.

1 can Manwich Sloppy Joe sauce
1  refrigerated Pillsbury French Bread Loaf
homemade coleslaw
Alexia's Onion Rings

Set the Sloppy Joe's to cooking as per directions...beat the French bread loaf over the counter and then cut it into 3 sections. Mold each section into a ball, pinching the end seams together and placing seam end down on cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees until browned. Place onion rings on another cookie sheet and bake 10 minutes on one side and then turn over for 5 minutes.  Slice off the top of each bread bowl and then take a wooden spoon and poke the bread meat down all around the inside of the bread bowl. Don't panic, it's a whole lot simpler than it sounds. Add the cooked sloppy Joe to each bowl. Serve all three together on a plate with a warm smile and the love that it took to get it all together!
"I never met a Sloppy Joe that I did not want to take home with me!"~Adele Forbes

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