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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Larry D. Sudderth Via Shannon Phillips: Had to share this with all of you who loved Shannon... Around Christmas time one year when Shannon worked at the dumpsite, I took my trash out. While I was there someone brought Shannon a fruit cake. She was very kind to the lady and thanked her. When the lady left Shannon asked me if I liked fruitcake. I said yes and she handed it to me and said "Merry Christmas". I told her I couldn't take it because that lady just gave it to her. She said "Take the damn thing. This is my fourth fruitcake today and I have three more at the house. It ain't that I'm not grateful but damn. If you are gonna give me something make it something I can get my teeth into like a ribeye steak." I went home with the cake and told Diane about it. The next day I showed up with the ribeye and baked potato. She said "Damn Mr. Sudderth, You are a man after my heart and stomach." Every time I took the trash off after that she wanted to know where her "other" steak was. Just thought I would share this. Her wit will be dearly missed.

Adele Daniels Forbes Shannon = a jewel in the rough...

Kandi Lynn Butler sounds about right for her lol

Mary Beth McGuire Shell Shannon told it just like it was. There was no beating around the bush

Adele Daniels Forbes Larry..thank you so much for sharing! Anyone else out there with a Shannon tale to tell, please do so here and I will see that it gets to my blog for keepsakes for us all to enjoy and remember her for the wonderful and unique creature that she was.

Natalie Puckett Buchanan thats great....

Sherry Fletcher I pulled up one day with all kinds of stuff to unload out of the back of my Dad's truck. Please understand, my Dad and Shannon were great buddies. Shannon said, "what is all that damn stuff in the back of your Daddy's truck? Look at all that dirt! You'd better clean that - - - - off there before you take that back to him!"

Robin Vance Greene i don't sleep very well sometimes at night and shan would always be up when i got on the computer-2 a.m. and mary nell tucker happened to be on fb that one night and suggested that we all get together and go to wal mart, being that it stayed open 24/7-mary nell said she would wear her pink panther pj's and i had bought me a pair of leo "leopard britches" as i called them at the thrift store, and said i would wear them. shan said she wouldn't go with us if we were dressed like that! then we decided to start a new "club" nite owl asses club-which consisted of just us 3- because all the "normal people" were sleeping at that time of morning!! shan and i shared alot of conversations and thoughts on fb in the wee early a.m. hours! we always teased each other about our cats-she wanted ted and i wanted maggie-but neither one of us would give in! i miss her so bad~just seems like i could pick up the phone right now and call her and she would answer in her cheerful way. she always could come up with something to cheer you up.

Martha Hicks She visited me and mom when mom was in the hospital in Feb. She brought mom an angel made out of a tin can-was so neat and kind...I will miss her down right boldness, wit and humor!

Natalie Puckett Buchanan This was on a more serious side...my grandparents committed suicide and so had her brother..we got talking one night about this and we talked for over 2 hrs...she told me it was one of her first times of really opening up and talking about davids death...it was a great emotional and funny talk..but I've always just had such a special bond with shannon...breaks my heart and make you laugh. RIP shan-gone but not forgotten♥

Robin Vance Greene and you never had to wonder what shan was thinking-cause she'd sure tell ya!

Adele Daniels Forbes ‎@Robin...the three of us were and are soul sisters! She is looking down on us and smiling....I just know it!

Robin Vance Greene i know she is to, adele. i can feel my granny that passed away almost 4 years watching me. i know she is with me, and i know shan is, too.

Robin Vance Greene i also remember when she worked @ linville-i didn't really know her that well then. somebody from out of state had left 2 new cat carriers there and shan had them sitting on the porch and i asked her if she was trying to catch a "wild" animal. she said no, but asked if i wanted the carriers and i took them. she was so giving and considerate of others. i know this might not seem like a big deal, but i think that's when our friendship struck up.

Robin Vance Greene

i'm so flooded with memories of shan-i don't know where to start-here are a few more: she would tease me for eating cottage cheese and tomato on my burger all the time. said she hated cottage cheese-i told her not to knock it till she tried... it! and then one time i was looking for "coconut liners" for my hanging baskets and she thought i was crazy-that there was no such thing-so she asked miss helen what a coconut liner was and this was miss helen's exact words:"shannie pooh, that's something you line your baskets with!"
Robin Vance Greene i talked to moma earlier, and she shared this with me: shannon was working at the old pharmacy where cvs is now, and moma said she didn't know her too well, but shan came in one day and had moma a gift-just to let her know she was a good friend. it was one of those "mary's moo moo's" collection and said "i love moo" on it. she still has that after all these years have passed. just goes to show you how kind hearted she was-didn't matter if she had just met you. she was so kind and thoughtful.
March Terrell Henley
As Donny was pulling away in his truck after emptying the Tartan's trash, I pulled up in my truck with the trash from Henry's and she pointed to the sign that said something about not being for commercial use...I ignored her and put our tra...sh in the dumpsters and when I went back to the truck to get some trash out of the front and hand swept some scraps from the back she screamed, "THIS AIN"T NO CAR WASH!" I waved and left. She pulled the fruitcake stunt on us when we used to regularly bring cookies on a paper plate.

"She is a friend of mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It's good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind." ~Toni Morrison, Beloved

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