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Sunday, November 21, 2010

From 'A Taste of Murder'~Diabolically Delicious Recipes from Contemporary Writers: Neil Hamel's Jell-O Shots

Judith Van Gieson's mystery series, featuring Albuquerque PI Neil Hamel, includes Ditch Rider, Parrot Blues, and The Other Side of Death.

"One of the best ways not to feel like a lawyer on those days when I don't want to feel like a lawyer is to mix up a batch of Jell-O shots and have the Kid over for dinner. I got home late, so he brought the dinner, sopapillas from Paco's, not as good as the sopapillas from from Arriba Tacos in Santa Fe, but hot enough to remind you that you were in the state where people ask if they need a visa to visit and whether it's safe to drink the water. We sat on my deck slurping cool green Jell-O shots and eating red-hot sopapillas, but it wasn't doing a thing to lower my bodies temperature...."~from The Wolf Path

1 package lime Jell-O
1 cup hot water
1 cup cold tequila
Splash of triple sec
Slices of lime

Stir the cup of hot water and Jell-O together in a bowl until mixed. Add the tequila (Neil likes Quervo Gold) and triple sec, and float lime slices on top. Put in refrigerator until it jells. Cut into cubes and serve in wineglasses, or let sit at room temperature until it is liquid enough to drink. Slurp slowly; they are strong.

"There are some foods in mysteries it's never safe to trust. Dover sole, baked or poached. Ladyfingers. Any cream sauce. Eggs, unless their hard-boiled. Chocolates, if they're given as a present. Warm milk. And, of course, any sort of spirits. The Case of the Deadly Decanter has been written at least a hundred times, and there's probably a fiend out there typing up another one right now. When analyzed, the sediment always contains enough poison to fell a hippopotamus."~Carlotta Oglethorpe in Murder Ink

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