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Saturday, December 4, 2010


My friend Bart Farmer shared his recipe for Venison Poppers and though I have not had the chance to make them yet, let me tell you that they sound divine. Thanks for sharing Bart!

venison poppers: slice deer meat into 1 inch cubes. season liberally ( I use black pepper, meat tenderizer, and McCormicks roasted garlic and herb). Place cubes in a bowl and cover with Italian dressing. refrigerate overnight. slice a pack of bacon in half. Place a deer cube on each strip of bacon, place a slice of jalapeno on top, roll bacon tightly around deer and pepper, skewer with a toothpick. (gotta soak toothpicks in water so they won't burn) Grill on medium heat. When the bacon is done, the deer is done. Tips: Slice jalapenos then remove seeds and the whiteish ribs inside, this will remove the heat. I also soak them in cold water so they stay crisp and easier to work with. I guessed at the amounts, but I would say roughly 1 1/2 lbs deer, and 6 large jalapenos would make approximately 50 poppers.

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