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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Please bear with me as I can not remember the exact quantities for this recipe, I lost all of my own favorite recipe's when my house burned down last year. I used the wing and leg combo packs, or bought one small pack of each. This is not for the weight watcher in us either :) First I soaked the chicken in milk or buttermilk overnight, if possible, then rolled the chicken in flour seasoned with ranch flavoring, like the packets you use for dip or dressing. Then I dropped them into a hot deep fryer and allowed them to fry til they were almost done. Allow the wings to drain and coat them with a sauce made with butter, hot sauce, a touch of bbq sauce, pepper, and crushed red pepper (for those who like it really hot) / or omit the pepper and crushed pepper for those who don't. Coat the chicken in whichever sauce you choose and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven until a nice golden brown.

The reason I am sending you this sketchy recipe is in hopes that you can play around with it and other ingredients and come up with something similar to the recipe I had mastered. The buttermilk and the ranch seasoning was a good balance to the heat, and I can't help it I'm from the south and I love my deep fryer ;)

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