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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Meet Max....our newest canine addition to the Forbes family....he just turned 4 months old and he is highly entertaining to say the least. He is a most handsome Bernese Mountain Dog and that white spot over his right eye is a 'pump knot' from running into something that didn't give back when he was playing with our 6 year old Lab...Jeb. Yes, there were vet bills involved, seems never ending in Carey's Flat.
This is our first Bernie and we drove all the way to Western Kentucky to get him....it was love at first sight....more like a panting actually....he grew on us hard and fast. He loves Jeb, and Max is Jeb's baby....make no mistake about it! Pull up in our front yard...you are going to be greeted.
Max is growing in leaps and bounds right before our very eyes...everyone who sees him loves him...what's not to love? He possesses all the Bernese Mountain Dog qualities...faithful to just one (yes of course it is his own sex) is what I would say....but he loves his Mama too...just he and I went for a lovely walk by ourselves this evening around the little pond and he never ran back to the house to look for his own sex...not even once...he stayed with me every step of the way and Yes he made my soul stir...
My Mama Joe would say..."You are on a journey. Never look back. Embrace every step. Give and you shall receive."
4 moths old..fresh as a daisy..in love with us as much as we are with him..intelligence is his greatest asset. May our small little pea sized brains in some way compare to his own.

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."~Gene Hill


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