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Friday, January 10, 2014


I had bought the ingredients for Pimiento Cheese Salad and Egg Salad as I try my best to follow a low-carb diet. Then I had this ah moment when I thought well why don't I just mix it all together, which I did. Upon searching for such a recipe, I found one that I liked that I knew I could make my own, so I set about doing just that and this is what I came up with.
1 block of Extra-Sharp Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Cheese, grated
4 oz. jar of sliced pimientos, well drained
1 cup Duke's mayonnaise (is there any other kind) or more if needed
4 hard-boiled eggs, mashed with a potato masher
salt & pepper to taste
2 strips of Candied Bacon, well crumbled (the Candied Bacon recipe is the first one up on my blog)
Mix together the grated cheddar and pimientos.

Mix together the mayonnaise, mashed hard-boiled eggs. Salt & pepper to taste. 

Now mix together the grated cheddar and pimiento mix with the mayonnaise mix. Add the crumbled Candied Bacon...you'll be so glad you did. Store in the refrigerator. 

"I never met a pimiento cheese or an egg salad that I didn't like."~Adele Forbes

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  1. G'day and YUM!
    I could go for some of this now!
    View as part of Nancy's YBR Jan Round Up
    Cheers! Joanne